Qualified Buyers


If you require assistance in your next purchase, please contact us and we will be happy to organise an appointment to WORK HARD FOR YOU...


Why a Buyer’s Agent would work best for you…

When you engage CJR Realty as your Buyers Agent to act on your behalf you will have access to privileged information that is not readily available to the public such as;

  • Properties on the market
  • Properties not on the market
  • Ability to negotiate directly with the home-owner
  • Conditions that allow full protection of your needs as the buyer
  • Specific report of the property of interest prior to negotiations which will include previous sales history and other comparable properties that have sold in the area.
  • Making the Property Purchase Transaction in YOUR BEST INTEREST

By bringing our knowledge and years of experience to the table you will be able to rest easy at night knowing you have given yourself the best possible advantage in buying your next dream home. 


What happens next?

Once you have selected a property to purchase & we have completed the due diligence process you are now ready to make an offer!

The offer is called “Contract of Sale agreement” which indicates your legal intention to make an offer to the seller. CJR Realty will recommend conditions to include in this agreement.

This is where it is imperative to understand contracts, what you are signing, and risks involved. Through our experience we have the knowledge and power to make you feel confident and comfortable in putting pen to paper.


Negotiation Time!

Negotiations is a very emotional time for purchasers.

You have complete exclusivity to the experience and knowledge provided by Charlotte Thomas, who is the Licensee /Bona Fide in Control / Byers Agent - Selling Agent / Principal / Director in CJR Realty. This will make you feel comfortable and stress free in knowing you will be making the best decision possible and knowing you have the best advocate possible. 




Once you have experienced the CJR Realty way of utilising us as your Buyers Agent you will have a relationship that will guarentee you ease of mind and reliance for any future information we can assist you with when ever you need it.

We encourage Long Term committments.


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